Sea Freight


Transporting goods utilising coastal sea freight provides free and secure warehousing whilst moving your product closer to the market each day. You will pay less than using alternative modes of transport, making coastal sea freight the most cost effective option.

Imagine if you could streamline your linehaul and warehouse costs into one resourceful bundle. Coastal sea freight operates a reliable door to door service from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Perth without excessive linehaul costs or surcharges associated with warehousing.

Coastal sea freight has seen the least amount of accidents, which simply means that the risk of losing goods and valuables is minimised. The gentle and temperate movement of the sea also reduces damage probability by eliminating shunting and centrifugal motion forces commonly experienced when using alternative modes of transport.

Coastal sea freight is the most carbon efficient mode of transport. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions released into the earth’s atmosphere per tonne, per kilometre travelled is lower than any other domestic long haul transportation. This means by shipping your goods by sea freight, you will be contributing to the wellbeing of the environment.

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