International Freight Shipping

About Us

Through a shared vision and passion for Transport and Logistics, Mike Thomas and Adam Arkinstall formed Auscoastal Logistics Pty Ltd, also known as ACL within the Transport industry. Auscoastal Logistics is 100% Australian owned and is often referred to as “The Solution, Not the Problem”. During the last few years and with combined extensive experience in intermodal, wharf, and international freight, ACL has demonstrated superior service levels, innovation in packaging, container design and true partnership models with customers and suppliers.

Why Choose Auscoastal Logistics?

Auscoastal Logistics Pty Ltd will act as an extension of your own business. Our experienced staff will work with you to achieve best results and offer suggestions to improve efficiencies and cost savings where applicable. We offer personalised customer service, reporting and responses ensuring your business receives the care and attention it needs to get the job done.

At Auscoastal Logistics we;


Listen To Our Customers

Listen to our customer’s needs, and draw on our extraordinarily broad understanding of freight to provide tailored rail and sea transport solutions.


Work Closely

Work closely with planning and provisioning teams to ensure our freight strategies align with our customer needs.



Provide the highest level of communication and personalised service to all customers.


Utilise Services

Utilise the services of long standing suppliers who have displayed the care and attention in service delivery that our customers have come to enjoy and rely upon.


Understanding of Operations

Understand how all the major rail terminals and ports operate.


Build Partnerships

Strive towards building long term partnerships with our customers and service providers.


Remain consistent

Remain consistent, responsive, pro-active, transparent and act with integrity.


During the last five years Auscoastal Logistics have spent considerable time and money analysing the freight we handle, the forces at work in the various modes of transport...